Derharv Kennels

Jack~ Jack Von Fenrir

STANDING AT STUD IN MELBOURNE (to approved bitches) 

JACK VON FENRIR VDH/SZ 2358072 KKL HD-fast normal ED-normal DM CLEAR

OWNERS: S.Parker, S Bick, H.Kelly & J Morris

Stud Fee $2500      Location – Melbourne     Height- 64.5cm

No service fee for Natural Matings - Clear Swab result required

Fresh/ Chilled AI – bitch owner responsible for all collection and vet fees associated with the insemination plus transportation if required

Frozen Semen - $300 Service Fee - Non refundable , transportation costs to be covered by bitch owner if required.

Full Stud Fee is payable on 1+ live puppies – 2 puppies are considered a litter therefore a free return will be provided if this is not met.

$250 fee for collection of and return of bitches to Melbourne Airport (Non Refundable) Bitches can be accommodated. 

Please email [email protected] for more information & Bookings



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