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Thank you  for your enquiry regarding Derharv German Shepherd Dogs.
We are conscientious breeders who are members of  the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria.
We breed approximately three litters per year to produce what we believe to be quality German Shepherds that conform to the breed standard.

We take pride in our stock and always strive for the correct balance of Temperament, Soundness and Construction. We follow the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia breed improvement schemes for Breed Survey, Hip & Elbow X-rays and Haemophilia Testing.

Our dogs are much loved and valued companions. When we have litters, we make sure our puppies are entrusted to loving committed homes. We do our best to screen new owners to ensure the best match between puppy and buyer that we can arrange. As much as possible we attempt to evaluate the personality of puppies by observing them during their development. We then attempt to match the appropriate puppy to his or her new family. For this reason you may not be allowed to pick your puppy from an entire litter. ‘We, as breeders, are here for you for the life of your new family member and often times, longer.  We are as near as the phone for you.

 After an extensive inquiry into your life style and home arrangements, you may be given two or three puppies to choose from. We do this to insure the likelihood of a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your new puppy. Before any puppy leaves our home, it has been loved, cared for and socialised.

Even so the puppy does not leave our kennels as a finished product. We, as breeders, have done our part; it is then up to the new family to continue with the puppy’s development. The new family bears a very great responsibility to continue the puppy’s development through structured training, discipline and love. 

Find out as much about German Shepherd Dogs by reading, by utilising the internet i.e visiting GSD websites (some of which are on our links page), etc. We make every effort to insure that our puppies are free from inherited defects, by screening perspective breeding stock for those problems common to our breed.

However due to complex genetic interactions and environmental factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that a puppy purchased from us will be free of genetic disorders. If the puppy should develop Hip/Elbow problems in the first twelve months, which render the puppy/dog incapacitated and unable to carry on a normal life, the Breeder will agree to replace the puppy with one of equal value from their next available litter, provided this is thought to be caused by defect, and not through injuries caused by accident or negligence.This must be confirmed by examination of X-ray plates by recognised authorities  such as Dr Lavelle or Professor Wyburn. For their contact details email me.





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Do you prefer a MALE or FEMALE puppy?
Have you ever owned a German Shepherd Dog before?
What is your knowledge of the German Shepherd Dog and for what purpose(s) are you interested in purchasing a German Shepherd?
Do you have a preference for a normal or long coat Shepherd?
Do you foresee a problem with adhering to our spay/neuter requirement? If yes, why?
(We suggest you wait until after the female has had her first season to spey her and wait until the male is at least 12 months of age to neuter him.)

Do you have children? If so, please list their ages.
How do your children react to dogs and/or other animals?
Do you have any other pets?

  If yes, please list what other pets you have.

If renting your residence, what is your landlord's policy on pet ownership?
Do you have a fenced yard?
If not, how will you provide security for you puppy when it is outside or when you are away?
Where will this puppy spend the day?
Is there someone able to look after your puppy/dog when you are away?
Will this puppy have regular contact with it's family during the day?
Are you aware of the socialisation needs of a German Shepherd Dog?
Are you aware of any health problems in the breed?
Are you willing to attend a recognised obedience club such as the German Shepherd Dog Club so that your puppy will become a treasured companion and a canine good citizen?

Who will have primary responsibility for the care of this puppy?
Do all family members agree on the addition of a German Shepherd to the family?
Please provide the Name, Address and Telephone Number of your vet.
May we contact your vet for a reference?
Please give any pertinent information you think will help us to get to know you and your needs with respect to placing a puppy most suited to your family/lifestyle.
Do you agree that, if for some reason you are unable to care for this dog, DERHARV will be contacted about it's relocation and will have first right of refusal?
Owner input is critical if a breeder is to keep track of the quality of their breeding program. Would you be willing to keep in contact with us?



We would like to thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. The idea behind these questions is that, knowing the pup's temperament from day one, we may see different things in them than you, as a stranger attempting to pick one, would. In this way we may be better able to guide you toward a puppy which realistically suits your experience, needs and goals.


Thank you for considering a Derharv Puppy

Derharv Kennels is committed to providing assistance and loving care to every puppy we produce.

We welcome each puppy purchaser to the Derharv family and will try to make your experience with us positively memorable.

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